Saturday Preparations

Saturday Preparations
Sunday - Final Decorations
The Parade


Lots of hard work preparing the float for the carnival!


We started our blank canvas at Priory farm in the hot sunshine.

My sister left some large trefoils and Rainbow Rabbit to help decorate the float.

Sue and Jo are fighting with a parachute to try and fix it underneath the roof of the trailer.

Having moved everything into the shade, we carried on with decorating.

Helen is attaching some animals in a cage to one of the uprights.

Guiding banners on, plus a jungle table cloth cut in half, flowers around the top edge.

The veiw from the front of the tractor in the barn, still decorating !

Rainbow Rabbit attached to the frontof the trailer.

Banners galore, put up with help from Frank, Mark and Sue.

Greenary added around the top edge by Helena, Jo, Sue and Helen.

Afew more flowers plus a palm tree, phew its hot work.

Now you can just about see the thatched roof and all the flowers around the edge of it.and a thatched roof

Samantha's caterpillar is added, I'm not sure what I am doing!

Mark hanging around! down from the trailer, tying on the banners.

Frank cleaning the wheels, while Helena ties ribbon around the poles.Sue's wondering how much more to put on!

Helen about to tie another cage on to the float.

Frank cleaning the wheels, Helena and Sue tying ribbon on.

Frank puting Samantha's butterfly/shrimps onto the roof!

Helen weaving flowers into the greenary.

Under and over weaving away - how many more flowers?

The parachutes all tied up under the roof, a very colourful addition.

Frank, Sue and Coralie tidying up, can you see the palm tree at the end of the trailer?

Nearly done, so much on it, lots of hard work.

Quick, bring a ladder around here, the banner needs altering!

Well done Frank, Brownie hobcaps, lets put those on when we are in Redhill!

Veiw from the front right of the trailer with Rainbow Rabbit.

Afurther veiw, all 3 cages up along this side now.