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Peppermint Sweets


1lb White Ready to Roll Icing
½lb Green Ready to Roll Icing
2tsp CMC Powder - (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose) a hardener
Silver Balls
Icing Sugar - (Enough to flour the rolling boards)
Peppermint essence - (to taste)
Wax paper


Put a few drops of peppermint essence onto the ready to roll icing and a tea spoon of the CMC powder - The CMC powder is not essential but it does harden the sweets and stops them from sticking to each other in a jar.

Sprinkle a little icing sugar onto the clean work top and kneed the mixture until mixed thoroughly.  Taste the icing to see if it's peppermint flavour is ok, if not keep adding a bit more until it is minty enough.

Roll out the icing until about ½cm thick, then press Christmas shaped cutters into it.  Place these onto wax paper and decorate with silver edible balls ( you may need a tiny bit of water on the end of a cocktail stick, to stick the ball to the icing.

sweets1.jpg (44481 bytes)Do the same with the other block of icing, so that you have some green and some white sweets.  You could partly mix the two colours together to get a marbled effect. 

When dried out, put the sweets into a container to take home or to give as a present.