Mr Crocodile

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Mr Crocodile
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Please Mr Crocodile


Ask all the Rainbows to stand against the wall on one side of the room.


A leader starts the game off by being the crocodile and she stands in the middle of the room, opposite the Rainbows, and says go.

The Rainbows then chant 'please Mr. Crocodile, may we cross the water, to see your ugly daughter, in a cup and saucer?


The leader says 'only if you are wearing blue' (she chooses a different colour each time, reminding them that they can not count the colours on their Rainbow  badge, above the promise badge as colours for this game).

The Rainbows who have got the colour blue can walk safely across the room.

The Rainbows who have not got blue on, have to run to the other side of the room, trying not to get caught by the crocodile. They are safe when they touch the wall on the opposite side to the one they have just come from.

Those Rainbows who get caught become crocodiles too.  These Rainbows can help decide on the next colour to choose , in a whisper, so that the ones left in don't hear, before deciding. the game gets more and more crocodiles each time until the last Rainbow is left and is the winner.  This Rainbow could start the next game off.