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Until now there has only been one item of Rainbow uniform, the tabard.  In addition to this there were a number of additional casual items available such as fleeces, shorts and caps.

The tabard will remain as an official uniform item but there are now a number of additional items of uniform available.

We would like to stress that the choice of uniform is for the parents and Rainbows to make.  All we ask is that either the tabard or the new polo shirt is worn to meetings.

We have listed below all the available items of uniform and the current prices.  Coralie often has a few items available for purchase or can order them for you.  Alternatively these can be ordered direct from the Guiding web site.  Some of the new uniform sizes are somewhat on the large side, but the measurements quoted below are accurate.  We understand an extra small size may be available soon.

Tabard - 3 Sizes    Small - fits up to 68cm chest. Length: approx. 46cm.
                            Medium - fits up to 76cm chest. length: approx. 51cm
            Large - fits up to 84cm chest. Length: approx. 58.5cm




Polo Shirt - 3 Sizes    Important  -  Check measurements before ordering              
The sizes appear to be somewhat big!                                  
Small - Chest 70cm/28''   Length 44.5cm/18''      
                                 Medium - Chest 75cm/30''   Length 48.5cm/19''  
                   Large - Chest 80cm/31''   Length 52.5cm/21''     




Jog Pants - 3 Sizes     Waists are fully elasticated
                                 Small - Waist 56cm/22''  Inside Leg 53cm/21''
            Medium - Waist 58cm/23''  Inside Leg 60cm/24''
            Large - Waist 62cm/24''  Inside Leg 67cm/26''




Cycle Shorts - 3 Sizes   Waists are fully elasticated                                                 
Small - Waist 57cm/22"  Inside Leg 16cm/6''                 
Medium - Waist 59cm/23''  Inside Leg 18cm/7''             
Large - Waist 63cm/25''   Inside Leg 20cm/8''               




Hooded Jacket - 3izes    80% cotton, 20% polyester in red with pale blue trim
                                     two front pockets and the embroidered
                Rainbow logo on the back and a small
                Rainbow motif on the front

                Small - Chest 80cm/31''  Length 40.5cm/16''
                Medium - Chest 85cm/33''  Length 46cm/18''
                Large - Chest 90cm/35''  Length 48.5cm/19''




Baseball Cap   - With new Rainbow logo