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Winter 2006

8th September 2006

Hello to New Rainbows

Tonight we welcomed five new Rainbows to the Unit - Ellie, Grace, Beth, Charlie and Amy

They were introduced to the other Rainbows in the Rainbow Ring

After our Rainbow chat we played a "getting to know you" game called "People to People" that we found in the September edition of the Guiding magazine. (Unfortunately we didn't have a camera tonight as there were some delightful pictures as the Rainbows tried to touch "nose to nose", "back to back" etc.)

We started on the posters for the Hawaiian Party in October

At the end of the meeting numerous letters and announcements were handed out - I wonder how many will get back to Mum!!!!



15th September 2006

No Meeting

There wasn't a meeting tonight as Coralie, Samantha and Frank were on holiday



22nd September 2006

End of Summer


We had a Rainbow Chat all about what we did during the Summer Holidays


We then split into three groups

The first group worked on the Palm Tree poster for the Hawaiian Party on the 7th October


The second group on the poster of the Desert Island


And the final group made Hawaiian Flower Garlands


We had short Pot of Gold celebration to say goodbye to Priscilla who is moving on to St. Joseph's Brownies - This included a song and presentation under the Rainbow - Priscilla very kindly brought in sweets for everyone to say goodbye


Whilst the Rainbows waited to be picked up they played on the Bouncy Castle



29th September 2006



The theme of tonight's meeting was "Holes" from Brainwaves 2, (London & South East Region Resource)

We started with a Rainbow Chat where we talked about all the things we could think of that had holes in them, including animals that lived in holes. Some Rainbows thought about rabbits, foxes, badgers, moles and worms! Then came holes in teeth, then the biggest holes, like the one in the ocean and Arizona desert.


After the Rainbow Chat we had a game of Rabbit Rabbit - This was the first time we had played the game and their was lots of confusion!!!


Next we all made doilies by making holes in folded paper, - we then sprinkled icing sugar through part of the doilies onto plain fairy cakes to make patterns and Sam did the bigger chocolate cake using the whole doyley.


At last we got to the best bit - food with holes in - these included polo mints, aero chocolate, bagels, cheese, hula hoops and spaghetti rings! We talked about what you could have for dinner on a plate of food with just holey food. The Rainbows came up with Emental cheese on bagels, sliced tomatoes without the pips! onion rings and spaghetti hoops!


The meeting finished with a sing-song of 'There's a hole in my bucket' and saying goodbye through the Rainbow reminding them of the Harvest Church Parade on Sunday and needing replies in for the Hawaiian Party.



6th October 2006


We started the meeting with all the toys out and the bouncy castle, whilst the leaders got things ready for the Rainbows to make flower garlands and some to do the poster for the party on Saturday and most important of all Gillian tried her best to sort out our accounts!!!

The Rainbows had a Rainbow chat and then we got into small groups.

Some  of the Rainbows made flower garlands whilst ........

....... some finished off our Hawaiian posters with sand, a bit messy !.

The Rainbows then tried on the grass skirts and had a go at Hawaiian dancing to the Hawaiian music Frank had brought in.

We then had our promise ceremony for all our newest Rainbows

Rainbows finished 15 minutes late, as we had so much to fit in and more letters to give out for permission to attend the party, the firework evening and who would be interested in the pantomime.



13th October 2006



This week we celebrated the Indian festival of Divali.

We had a Rainbow chat about Divali and made our version of Diva's and Rangooli's.

We made Diva's out of clay and placed a night light inside them. The traditional ones have oil and wicks, but just imagine the Rainbows carrying them home, let alone Mum's face!

Rangooli's are Indian mats used in the doorways of houses at this time of year or used for under food, they have bright intricate patterns.

Our mats were made from black card and coloured chalks and the Rainbows invented their own intricate patterns!

Samantha came to Rainbows looking more glamorous than usual, having just had her hair done, a practice for Helen (one of our Guider's) wedding, or at least that's what she told us!

The Rainbows played Mr. Crocodile with Samantha, a favourite game at our Rainbows.

The Rainbows sang their Rainbows song as they came through the arch.

We reminded the Rainbows about the Church open day this Saturday, where Coralie and Gillian spent the day face painting.

We gave out yet more letters to tell Rainbows about the trip to Holiday on Ice, and had lots of replies from last weeks letters about the Bonfire night and pantomime. Frank will print out the maps for Bonfire night and bring them next week.

We had lots of help this week from Frank, Samantha, Linda, Amy, Jenny, Victoria and Lydia all arriving before Coralie, who had the keys and activities! The only one she beat was Gillian, who has to get to Rainbows from Crawley!

The Rainbows used the giant red spinning top to make them selves dizzy! We collected the Tesco sport for schools and clubs vouchers for this last year.

We finished Rainbows off with our Goodnight Rainbow song and the obligatory cuddly koala song!



** Don't forget to keep collecting the Tesco "Sport for School & Clubs" vouchers **



20th October 2006

Early Halloween


Will post details soon - Frank



3rd November 2006

Fireworks BBQ


Will post details soon - Frank