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5th November 2004 - Bonfire Party and Barbecue
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Well it's all over for another year!  The weather was perfect and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves.

The day started early for Coralie and Frank - So many things to organise from moving the horses from the field to building the bonfire!

Click to enlargeThankfully by 5:30 most of it had been done.  People started to arrive - Coralie was stuck on car parking duty and trying to show the Rainbows where the loos were at the same time.  Frank had started to cook the sausages on the barbeque when Paul & Ben arrived, ready to take over and make sure that they would be edible.  Gillian was busy slicing the rolls and stopped when the pile on the plate became unstable because of its height!

Karen arrived with more sausages which were quickly put on the barbeque.  Before anyone could eat there was an important ceremony to carry out. 8 girls had their Promise Ceremony with the 7th Redhill Brownies many of whom were ex Redhill Rainbows. 

All the Rainbows and Brownies were given glow-in-the-dark necklaces and at last it was time to eat. Linda and Gillian were kept busy doing the hot dogs while Joan looked after the ketchup and Judith was making hot chocolate.  Frank was quite happy dishing out mulled wine while Paul & Ben tried to keep up with the demand for sausages and onions.  Over 150 sausages were cooked on the evening!

While all this was going on Coralie got the bonfire lit.  Cheryl had arrived home from work, dashed over with some rolls and marshmallows before working hard getting some lights on by the loos and lighting the small campfire.  Amanda had also arrived, bringing with her a large firework which had been donated by someone from the church who thought it was too big for their garden firework party.    

Before we knew it, it was 7 o'clock and time for the fireworks which had been donated by Frank and Paul.  There were so many of these we have had to make a separate page for all the photographs.  Just click here to view the fireworks.

Everyone seemed to enjoy these even if one or two of the Rainbows found them a little noisy.  The fireworks lasted about 25 minutes and received a round of applause when completed. 

While the Guides, who had arrived just before the fireworks, were having their sausages the Rainbows and Brownies enjoyed their sparklers.  As soon as the sparklers were finished marshmallows on sticks were toasted on the camp fire.

All too soon it was time for the Rainbows and Brownies to say goodnight.  Tired and sleepy from all the fresh air and excitement they politely said thank you for the evening and went home to bed with mums and dads.

In the meantime the Guides were enjoying their sparklers and toasted marshmallows.  The last of the sausages were eaten, the mulled wine quaffed and the hot chocolate drunk.  By 8:30 the last of the guides had gone home and the many helpers had a chance to grab a drink for themselves and breathe a sigh of relief at how well the night had gone.

A big thank you to all those who helped make the evening so successful.  Apologies to all those not mentioned by name, this wasn't because your help wasn't appreciated!  We'll see you all again next year - Please

It had been decided the previous night to leave most of the tidying up until the morning.  In the cold light of day the garden and field did not look quite so festive.  Thanks however to the efforts of Cheryl and Coralie this has now all been sorted.  For those of you contemplating holding a similar event click here to see the aftermath.