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This was held at The Coleman/Redland Centre in Reigate on 13th March 04

With Roo, (Reigate District Commissioner), in charge, lots of Guiders, Trefoil Guild and other helpers, turned up at 2pm to get ready for a busy afternoon.  Reps from each unit met back on January 8th to plan this event at Roo's house.

It was all well organised and ready for the arrival of 80 excited 5 to 7 year old Rainbows, well before the start at 3pm.
They came in slowly to start with,  then suddenly the hall was filled with a mass of different coloured Rainbow tabbarded girls, all eager to start the fun.

Each Rainbow Unit had spent a great deal of time on a poster for their base, so that the Rainbows knew where to put their things, these posters were put up on the walls of the hall to help decorate it with the Nemo theme.

There were drinks on tap throughout the afternoon for Rainbows and helpers.

The Rainbows were divided up into equal numbered groups and began going around the room making Nemo things.
We had 8 stations of 2 tables doing paper Nemo fish, (for the game at the end of the afternoon), bright yellow jelly fish hand puppets, (made from plates with paper streamers), with Rainbow coloured tentacles, Nemo badges made with the help of the badge machine, using some Nemo wrapping paper.  The Rainbows chose their character from the film and made a badge of it.  The Rainbows also used some blue icing to decorate biscuits, finishing them off with sea creature sweets! -  a favourite with most of them!

Just before the end of the afternoon we got the Rainbows into teams ready for a flap the fish race, (all beautifully coloured in all the colours of the rainbow), with the fish lined up on the floor.  Roo demonstrated this first, but her fish was a bit lethargic! unlike Roo who was flapping with gusto!  This proved to be a very amusing end to the afternoon as the fish were going all over the place!

All the Rainbows enjoyed the afternoon, so a big thank you to all who helped make it such a success.

The units involved were from Redhill, Nutfield, Horley, Merstham and Reigate Hill.