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Help Needed
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Guiding is made possible by over 65,000 trained adults, ALL of whom are volunteers.

Every extra adult volunteer can make a big difference to a lot of girls.  For example, one extra adult at a small Rainbow unit may mean up to 5 extra Rainbows could join.

Potential volunteer leaders are given training and gain a qualification.  Unit helpers work with the trained leaders.

As well as working directly with girls, there are lots of other opportunities for adults to be involved in guiding.  Here are just a few:

bulletSharing a particular talent
bulletTeaching girls a craft or outdoor skill
bulletKeeping accounts for a district or unit
bulletProperty management
bulletAdministering Gift Aid for a unit or district
bulletHelping to organise events
bulletBeing an extra helper, on a day out, special event or sleepover
bulletBeing the contact person for an activity or event

Each has a different time and skill requirement and many can be done by anyone ged 18 or over.

Men as well as women, are welcome to become a Girlguiding UK affiliate member by having an active support role.

Girlguiding UK recognises that not everyone can give time to guiding on a regular basis, but any help you can provide is always appreciated.

If you can provide enthusiasm and some help then please talk to Coralie or call free on 0800 1 69 59 01 or visit the "join now" section at

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