About Rainbows

About Rainbows

Help Needed Information for Parents

What do Rainbow Guides do?

Rainbow Guides have fun! They take part in indoor and outdoor activities as part of their programme, which is called the Rainbow Jigsaw.  Our meetings are full of games and activities that provide challenging opportunities, allowing Rainbows to think for themselves.  Each Rainbow takes an active part in making decisions about the activities the unit does.


Who can be a Rainbow?

Any girl aged five or over can be a Rainbow. The oldest Rainbows are usually between seven and seven-and-a-half years old.  Rainbows is open to any girl regardless of faith, race, culture, nationality or any other circumstance, provided she is able to understand and is willing to make or work towards making the Rainbow Promise.


How often do we meet?

We meet once a week during school term for about an hour. Please contact us for details of our meeting place and times. 

As well as our regular meeting we often have special outings and adventures, Your permission is always needed for your daughter to take part in these activities.  This year we had our first sleepover which was a great success.


What will it cost?

Rainbow units charge 'subs', to cover costs like equipment and the meeting place. These 'subs' include a subscription to the Guide Association. Our subs are 15 per term payable at the beginning of the term plus a 6 joining fee to cover the cost of the bag and the "Ready for Rainbows" book etc.  For special events and days out there may be an extra charge.  If you pay income tax then we can use Gift Aid to claim 28p for every pound you give in subscriptions or donations.  This money is used entirely for the benefit of the Rainbows.

The Rainbows are a uniformed group and wear a Polo Shirt with the Rainbow logo.  Other items of clothing are available.  Details of cost can be found here.