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Redhill Rainbows Report 2003


The Rainbows have had fun making things, singing songs, playing games, going to the park, attending church parades, joining in with district events and going on outings.

In January we made bird food and snowflakes and weather charts.

In February we celebrated thinking day, doing things about Rainbows around the world.

We made and iced traditional Simnel cakes for Mothering Sunday in March.

In April it was Easter time and we made lots of Easter things and had our annual Easter egg hunt.

In May out came the maypole again for dancing around and we made flower garlands as well for this.

Fatherís day was in June and we made shrink plastic type key rings, these did not work too well! But it was the thought that counts!

Some of the Rainbows joined in with 10th Redhill Brownies teddy bears picnic on Reigate Heath this month and we floated paper boats and caught plastic ducks from a paddling pool at the hall on a water themed evening.

July was a fun month too with the district Rainbow event based on the rabbit theme. Lots of fun was had by our Rainbows at the Sovereign Centre in Woodhatch, all of them going home with a bag full of things they had made and very happy and tired from all the gym equipment use and the disco too.

Samantha and Helen did an evening on shadow puppets with the Rainbows.

We also had the Family fun day in July for all the families and friends of Rainbows, Brownies and Guides that meet at our hall over at Cherylís and my house for games, sunbathing and a BBQ.

We finished the summer term with feeding the ducks at the pond in Frenches road, Redhill.

In August Amanda gave birth to little Emily Ė so congratulations and her names on the waiting list! for Rainbows.

September was busy Ė straight into an outing to Outwood Windmill Ė this was very enjoyable and the Rainbows learnt lots of educational things too. Later this month Sarah and Jo organised rock cake making with some of the flour we had ground and bought from the mill.

At the end of September we practised a puppet show for the Church open day which went down very well. It was sing a song of sixpence and the maidís nose was pecked off at the end!

In October Sarah had the great idea of the Rainbows painting their feet and hands!!!  What a mess, but the Rainbows enjoyed it.

We also did lots with leaves, as it was a very colourful autumn.

Linda organised some pictures with crayon and painting over this leaving a lovely effect on the paper.

The sponsored campfire was also in October and we practised lots of new songs for this and met up with lots of other Rainbows in Caterham, thank you to Cheryl and Linda for helping me out with this Ė I was leading the Rainbow section and I canít sing! I hope we raised lots of money for the pond project for the disabled.

November Ė we invited all the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides to our annual firework and bonfire party in Hookwood. The Rainbows decorated gingerbread men and toasted marsh mallows and held sparklers at arms length, they also enjoyed a sausage or burger from the barbeque while watching the wonderful firework display, a big thank you again to hubby Frank and friend Paul for donating the fireworks and giving us a wonderful display.

December Ė the pantomime has been booked again for the end of term and lots of exiting Christmassy things to do and make before this.

Thank you to the team of helpers at Rainbows, I could not do all this on my own Linda, Gillian, Sarah Jo, Amanda, Sam and Helen.

Sam and Helen are both at university now, but come back to help when they can and Amanda has Emily and Adam to look after, so itís difficult for her at present too, itís funny how every thing stops at Rainbows to see the new baby when Amanda brings her in.