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Summer Term 2006


21st April 2006

Tonight's theme was based around St. Georges Day and the Queen's birthday.

We made Dragon Puppets after which we had our Rainbow chat, talking about the Queen's birthday.

Grace and Jessica, two of our new Rainbows, received there Rainbow Bags.

We were so busy I only got the one photo!



28th April 2006

Music &  Flowers

Tonight we welcomed 3 new Rainbows to our unit, Rosie, Ruby and Rebecca.  Hopefully they all enjoyed the evening.

We were very lucky to have Tricia, (ex Brown Owl), and her daughter Hayley come to our meeting. 

Tricia spent the evening in the corner, with a glue gun, helping the Rainbows decorate their headbands and shoes ready for the May Ball.

Meanwhile Hayley entertained the Rainbows with her wide selection of musical instruments.  The Rainbows played an accompaniment  to the Rainbow Song whilst Coralie led the singing.

Tonights game, also led by Hayley, was Hop, Skip & Jump to the Colours, enjoyed by all!

All the Rainbows signed a "Thank You" card to Tricia and Hayley.

The evening  ended with the regular Rainbow Ring and Goodbye Song



5th May 2006

Maypole Frenzy

Tonight we welcomed another new Rainbow, Lauren

After the Rainbow chat, where we all practiced the Rainbow Song, we prepared our Maypole.  It took some time to sort the ribbons out as they had all got tangled. 

Each Rainbow was given a number and Coralie gave instructions using these numbers as the Rainbows danced around the Maypole.

After the Maypole dancing we became creative and painted pictures for the national Guiding Association website.

At the end of the meeting there was a chance to play on the Bouncy Castle

The evening  ended with the regular Rainbow Ring and Goodbye Song



12th May 2006

Chocolate Delight!

Coralie brought a chocolate fountain in tonight.  We had strawberries, grapes and marshmallows to dip into the chocolate.  As soon as the Rainbow Chat was finished we all washed our hands and enjoyed the chocolate.

We used the chocolate we didn't eat to make "Chocolate Truffles" for Mum.  This was just a little messy!

Just in case their was anyone who didn't like chocolate Coralie brought in the popcorn maker.

For those whose digestion could stand it, we finished with a session on the "Bouncy Castle" and ball games.

The meeting ended as normal with a final "Rainbow Song"



19th May 2006

Pirates Ahoy!

We started with a Rainbow Ring and sang the Rainbow opening song.  We discussed what we were going to do. 

We made Pirate hats from black paper that Coralie had already cut out.  On to the hats we stuck a "skull and crossbones".  We also cut out a parrot having first coloured them in.  This was also stuck on the hat.

When all the hats had been made we tried them on, glue and all!

Arriving on a desert island photographs of the crew were taken under the palm tree.

Some of the girls found a parrot beneath the palm tree whilst they were having their treasure hunt.

To close of the meeting we sang our good night song and remembered to take our treasure home!



26th May 2006

Fruits of the World

Before the meeting started Frank brought up the balls and hoops as well as the bouncy castle.   Ellie and her friend set up the tunnels for the Rainbows to play with. 

Five minutes later the meeting started with a Rainbow Ring.  Coralie had been shopping and had bought a large selection of different fruits from all over the world.  Lauren pointed out that we hadn't got any plums!  We did however have a number of fruits that the Rainbows had never tasted before.  These included Dragon Fruit, Mangosteen, Physalis, Star Fruit and Lychees. 



Each Rainbow chose a fruit from the tray and in turn the other Rainbows tried to guess what it was and where about in the world they came from.

Whilst the Rainbows were talking about the different fruits Linda and Jenny were busy peeling and chopping the various fruits.  These were placed on plates ready for the Rainbows to make fruit salads to take home.  We had planned to make smoothies as well but found that we were running out of time and decided to make these on another day.

The Rainbows enjoyed tasting the different fruits before making their fruit salads.  The meeting over-ran by five minutes whilst the Rainbows finished making their fruit salads.

We finished the meeting with "Cuddly Koalas" and our Rainbow Song.  Each Rainbow said goodnight as they passed under the Rainbow.



16th June 2006

Fathers Day

To start the meeting we sang the Rainbow welcome song and then had our Rainbow Ring.  We talked about why Sunday was special, (Father's Day).

We coloured in special World Cup sports hats for Dad and decorated them with a pom-pom

We each made a Father's Day Card

We ended the meeting by washing our hands, singing a goodnight song and playing with the toys while we aited for mum and dad to pick us up.



23rd June 2006


We started the meeting as normal with the Rainbow Song and a Rainbow Chat. 

We then warmed up for our evening of Championship Tennis - Some methods were somewhat unorthodox!

The matches then started in earnest together with some serious coaching

Unfortunately not all the players reacted to the umpire's decision in the correct manner!

The match was abandoned after a while, (due to rain?), and the exhausted players retired to the coffee shop for strawberries and cream and a glass of Pimms

The meeting ended late with a team photograph



30th June 2006


The meeting started as normal with the Rainbow Song and a Rainbow Chat. 

We then talked about the puppet show we will be putting on at the M.U.G.S. (Methodist Uniformed Groups Supporters), Celebration Evening on the 14th July

We painted hand puppets for use in the show and by the time these were finished and the Rainbows had washed themselves it was time to go!




7th July 2006

Strawberry Picking

This week we went Strawberry Picking at Tulley's Farm.  I had arranged that if it was raining we would have our normal meeting in the hall.  On the day the weather couldn't make it's mind up!  First it was dry then it would drizzle and occasionaly the sun shone. 

I finally decided to risk it staying dry and went off to Tulley's Farm.  Unfortunately I have lost my mobile so anyone who tried to ring me and check if we were still going were unable to contact me.  I apologise for any confusion.

Rainbows who had arrived played on the straw bails whilst we waited to see if any more would turn up.

We then collected our baskets, put on aprons to keep the worst of the strawberry stains off our clothes and went out into the field to pick our strawberries

After the strawberries had been picked came the best bit - eating them!

There was time to have one more quick play on the straw bails before it was time to go home


14th July 2006

Puppet Show Rehearsal

After opening the meeting with our normal song and Rainbow chat we rehearsed for the puppet show to be held in the evening at the Celebration 2006 Show.

Frank was unable to come to the meeting so we didn't get any photos of the rehearsal itself.

After the meeting closed we had our packed teas in the coffee shop in preparation for the show




21st July 2006

Guinea Pigs

We welcomed three new Rainbows to our unit this week, Grace, Amy and .  They joined the rest of the unit at the start of the meeting by walking through the Rainbow.

We then had our Rainbow chat and talked about our visit tomorrow to Blackland Farm as well as the Sleepover.

This week Victoria and Lydia brought in their Guinea Pigs for the Rainbows to learn about.  The Rainbows learnt how to hold the Guinea Pigs as well as how to groom and feed them

One of our Guiders, Helen,  and a Rainbow had to be taught how to recognise a guinea pig.

The meeting ended with our goodnight song and a final play on the bouncy castle.



28 July 2006

Mini Barbecue

For the last meeting of the summer term we held a mini barbecue in Coralie's garden

We were still getting things ready when the Rainbows started arriving

Fortunately Frank had already got the sausages and burgers cooked so everybody got something to eat

With full tummies it was time to play - no time for indigestion!

Even Phoebo and Phoebe, (Coralie's dogs), got some exercise

We finished off the meeting with Parachute games

All too soon it was time to go - even the dogs were tired out

Looking forward to seeing everyone next term